Thursday, February 5, 2015

Series Intro: Find Your Passion & Love Your Career!

An intense desire or enthusiasm for something
Synonyms: fire, energy, love, appetite,

Meet Tasha.

Tasha and her boyfriend, Robert, are having dinner at their favorite restaurant. The dinner is going great, as usual, until Robert notices that Tasha is distracted. Tasha has officially checked out of her and Robert’s conversation and has checked into the conversation at the next table. As soon as someone uttered the three magic words, “today’s educational system,” Tasha’s focus completely shifted. She is instantly compelled to join in on the conversation and relay her input. This is nothing new to Robert since he knows how Tasha feels about the state of today’s educational system. She has books on the subject of education and loses track of time every time the subject comes up with friends and family.
It is very possible that Tasha is passionate about education and the state of the educational system. 

A passion is anything that ignites a fire in you and causes a desire to take action. When you are passionate about something, you tend to feel energized when talking about this thing, idea or subject. You also feel the same energy when acting out this same thing.
What do you believe Tasha should do about this passion? Does she have to become a teacher?

Most would think so, but no.

Suppose Tasha does not have the desire to be in a traditional classroom setting.

The Road Less Traveled.

Having a passion in a particular area, does not mean that you have to take the most obvious path. There are countless options available for Tasha to incorporate her passion into a career that she loves.  Yes, she could become a teacher, but she is not limited to that career path.
Here are a few other options for Tasha:

  • Lobbyist for education on Capitol Hill
  • Consultant to educational systems, schools, and/or teachers
  • CEO of non-profit that focuses on helping students who do not receive quality education


You Have to Start Somewhere.

You see, your passion should simply be a starting place, do not feel limited by what you can do. Always think outside the box. Take into account your other skills and desires to see how you can make them work for you.  It is all about self reflection and really getting to know yourself what you like to do, what you love to do and what you hate doing. Once you really take an inventory of your needs, wants, talents and gifts, discovering your passion will be a piece of cake!

During the next few weeks, let's focus on your passion. More specifically, finding your passion and using it to create a career that you love.  We will explore and discover ways to convert your passion into a career! It is not too late. It does not matter what stage you are in your career or how old (or young) you are :-) .

Let me hear from you! What are you passionate about? Are you living out your passion?

“If you don’t build your dream, someone will hire you to help build theirs.”
                  -Tony Gaskins


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