Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Call for Authors for Summer Collaboration Book. MY NOW for the College Grad

MY NOW for the College Grad

If you’re a speaker, trainer, life coach and/or current author, this is a great opportunity to expand your market.

What would tell a college student who is about to graduate or a recent graduate on their first job?  What type of wisdom would you share that you wished you had learned earlier in your career?  Was it to get a mentor, or do a internship or get a job overseas?  If you had the chance to motivate a college student to help them on their journey to success, would you take it?  Well I hope your answer is YES, because Moovin4ward Publishing is looking for your story for our 3rd book in the MY NOW series, The MY NOW for the College Grad  will be a awesome collection of wisdom, insight and motivation to college students and recent college graduates of all ages.


 The “My Now” book series offers motivation to various audiences from experts on selected topics.  This particular book is intended to encourage College Graduates with well crafted stories, techniques and testimonies.

What’s In It For YOU?

Book projects can be lengthy and costly.  By participating in a collaborative effort, you only have to write one chapter and other expenses are shared. This will ultimately provide you with an add-on product that you can sell to generate additional income and expand your market reach, especially if you are a speaker or trainer.  Having your name in print adds to your overall perceived value and credibility.  Every time one of the books is sold or given away by participating authors, your profile, your story, and your voice is introduced to a new market.  It becomes a win/win for everyone involved.

If you are interested in more details please email