Thursday, October 24, 2013

Call for Authors for new MY NOW book project: The Single or Divorced Parent

WE are looking for authors who are divorced parents or single parents. This particular title is intended to encourage  single parents.  It will offer parenting tips and techniques to ensure the children don’t lose during and after the divorce. If you have that message and are willing to share, we need your story.   Please read the details below and contact me  via email


The “My Now” book series offers motivation to various audiences from experts on selected topics.  

What’s In It For YOU?
Book projects can be lengthy and costly.  By participating in a collaborative effort, you only have to write one chapter; all expenses are shared and the work is done for you
This will ultimately provide you with an add-on product that you can sell to generate additional income and expand your market reach; especially if you are a speaker or trainer.  Having your name in print adds to your overall perceived value and credibility.

The best part is that every time one of the books is sold or given away by participating authors, your profile, your story, and your voice is introduced to a new market.  It becomes a win/win for everyone involved.

Getting Started

1.  Submit an 200-word overview and title of the chapter
We will review your overview and title to ensure that it fits with the overall theme of the book topic.  Your title should not contain more than 8 words.  If approved, you are ready for the next step.

2.  Submit a 150-word bio and 300 dpi head shot photo.
Your bio will be included at the beginning of your chapter and also on our website.  Your photo will also appear in the book (black and white) and on the website (color).  Be sure to include contact information, website and/or social network addresses.

3.  Submit your pre-edited, pre-proofed chapter.
Your chapter submission should be between 1500-3000 words.  Do not include any graphics or call-out boxes.  Since our books typically feature more than 15 authors, our editor would have a difficult time trying to suggest modifications while trying to maintain your voice.  So you should make efforts to send a near perfect content. 

4.  Make edits to your Chapter Review Copy.
The purpose of the Review Copy is to allow you to make sure none of your content was lost in the transition and formatting.  You’ll only get two reviews, so be sure to read your chapter thoroughly.

5.  Pay your participation fee via PayPal.
You’ll receive your invoice to participate in the project shortly after you receive your Chapter Review Copy.  You’ll need to make your payment via PayPal before the due date on the invoice.   The first 8 participants to pay will be featured on the front cover.

6.  Submit your signed Chapter Submission Approval Form.
With each review copy of the book that you receive, you’ll also get a copy of the Approval Form.  When you are completely satisfied with the content, you’ll need to print, sign and return this form via email or fax.  If this form is not returned by the deadline, you risk not having your chapter included in the book.
7.  Create a marketing platform to sell your copies.
If you don’t already have a platform to market your books, consider a page on your website or creating a blog.  From this spot, not only can you share information about the project but also sell books directly… using PayPal.  You’ll have the opportunity to receive additional marketing recommendations in the Authors Marketing conference calls and in the Authors Lounge on Facebook.

The cost to participate is $150.  This fee covers the cost of production, marketing materials, and shipping.   Authors will receive 20 copies of the book.  The listed retail price for the book will be $18.99, but you may select your own price to sell your personal copies.  You may also purchase additional copies at a 60% discount.

Important dates and Deadlines  (please note we have adjusted deadlines contact Mark for more details

Required Action

Feb  10
Chapter Reviews Start
Payment Due
Mar  3
Final Chapter Approval Due
Mar  8
Pre-Marketing for Release
Mar 14
 Paperbacks Shipped