Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Have you lost your WHY?

The Fall is a time to reflect. So the question is, have you lost your WHY? You know the true reason why you do what you do... Sometimes we are so caught up in the "doing" of the thing that we forget “why” we are doing it in the first place. Taking a step back to enjoy the fruits of your labor is a great time to recharge-readjust-and work harder. The old saying "do what you love and the money will follow" is true. Have you ever noticed that when you work in your passion, it is not work? You can go all day every day. 24-7. But when you don’t stop to look at history, the impact you have made, and the blessing it is to have the talent and skills you have, you start to take it for granted. At that point, it becomes a chore. Just ANOTHER to be done- on the- to do list. It happens to us all. Therefore, to battle that level of laziness, put a reflection day on your calendar so you can evaluate your game plan and make adjustments. Then get gassed up about what you’re doing, or change how you did it. But at all cost don’t lose your WHY. Because once it is gone, you will be asking yourself, what was I doing for such a long time and why was I doing it.....

The Speaker Man

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