Thursday, August 26, 2010

Do You have Impact?

There is always the question of whether or not you make an impact. Meaning does what I do now, influence or figure in the equation of something when it takes its final form or as it take shape. A potter, who works with clay can see that the pressure from their hands and the rotation of the wheel can influence the outcome of the clay as it spins on the wheel. If the pressure is strong, it can collapse the object very quickly. However, if the pressure is just right, and the right amount of water is used with every rotation you can see subtle changes in the clay. This however takes time. Eventually the clay is formed to the liking of the potter. Or when a seed is planted it takes time for that seed to sprout. It does not just take putting the seed in the ground, or just watering or tilling the soil, or just sunlight and rain to make the seed grow into its full potential. We all know that potential is just unrealized energy right? But it’s a successful mixture of all those components that make the seed grow. So then, if you have a part in some ones life, then you have an impact. That impact can be negative, like too much pressure from the potter or positive, like the right about amount of rain. But either way, you have impact
I received a call from a parent of one of the boys that played on my AAU basketball team, named Team Cager. He was very excited at the fact that his son got a letter from West Point expressing interest in him and wanted him to attend in the fall of 2008. I shared in his joy, that his son was being recruited. I asked was this the first recruitment letter, he said “no” but it was the first letter of any importance. I began to smile because I know the young man, and he came through my foundation. His father thank me and the foundation for being open to allowing his son to play basketball and focus on his school work, and because of that we had given an “assist” in this young man getting this letter. At that moment, I realized that I had an impact on some one’s life. I was not the total reason for his success, but again I was part of the equation that will figure into his success. Final thought, be aware that you are in an equation in peoples life. Whether you intend to or not, you will have an impact on the people in your circle. Why it not be that positive variable in that delicate formula of success and failure, encouragement, and discouragement. Understand, just like that growing seed or a plant, if one necessary element is out of balance the result can be fatal. Just like the right mixtures of elements can produce a wonderful blossoming flower for the world to enjoy. Having said all that I guess I answered the question. Do you have impact? Yes you do.

The Speaker Man

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